BP Batam Report Results of 2021 Financial Year Audit to Parliament

(BP Batam Chairman, Muhammad Rudi (white shirt), and Vice Chairman of BP Batam, Purwiyanto, during Parliamentary Hearing Thursday, 25 August 2022)

BP Batam reported results of its 2021 financial year audit to the Indonesian Parliament during a Parliamentary Hearing in Nusantara 1 Building of Indonesian Parliament (DPR) House, Jakarta, Thursday (August 25, 2022). 

Chairman of BP Batam, Muhammad Rudi, was accompanied by his Vice Chairman, Purwiyanto, BP Batam’s 4 Deputies to Chairman, and a number of BP Batam Echelon 2 Officials. Lead by Vice Chairman of Commission VI DPR Muhammad Hekal, the Hearing was attended by DPR’s Commission VI members, both online and in-person. 

(The meeting room atmosphere during the Thursday (25 August 2022) Parliamentary Hearing. Photo Doc: BP Batam)

BP Batam Chairman Muhammad Rudi pointed out that BP Batam reached IDR 1.75 trillion, which is equivalent to 87.22% of 2021 target income, and is 3.94% higher than its IDR 1.69 trillion year 2020 income.

Spending also increased from IDR 1.69 trillion in 2020 to IDR 2.02 trillion in 2021, an amount matching 82.82% of 2021 target. 

BP Batam also achieved the highest rank in the Republic of Indonesia Audit Board (BPK RI) Report’s Follow Up, reaching 91% in compliance, and is up from 87% in 2020. Such score, according to Chairman Muhammad Rudi, is higher from the Follow-up average of 77%. 

(BP Batam Chairman, Muhammad Rudi (in blue-white batik), while receiving Indonesia’s State Audit Board Opinion on Year 2021 Financial Report handed by BPK’s Chairperson Isma Yatun. Photo Doc.: BP Batam)

In addition, BP Batam also achieved BPK RI’s highest opinion (i.e. ranking) on its Financial Report 2021; the Normal Without Exceptions Quotation (Wajar Tanpa Pengecualian, WTP) for the 6th consecutive year since 2017. 

BPK’s opinion, according to the Audit Board’s Chairperson Isma Yatun, aims to give opinion regarding a financial report presentation’s normalcy. In other words, BPK’s opinion represents its professional statement as the State’s Audit Board on financial reports’ coherence and soundness. 

Such opinion is measured based on 4 criteria: conformity to reigning government accounting standard, adequacy of disclosure, compliance to existing legislations, and internal control effectiveness. 

(Source: BP Batam, Antaranews)