Infrastructure Development in Batam Restarted for 2023 by BP Batam

(Batam Roads Development Illustration)

Infrastructure development in Batam, specifically ones in the form of arterial roads, has been restarted by BP Batam since 5th of January 2023 and will continue until the end of the year. The road development is planned to be 20 km long in total. 

In more details, the development plan is as follows: 

  1. Jalan Yos Sudarso Phase 4 with 2.4 km length (Underpass Pelita – Nagoya Gate side) with contractor  PT. Kuala Batee Indonesia and supervising consultant PT. Calvindam Jaya. EC
  2. Between Batam Center Seaport Main Corridor Roads and Airport with 9 km length (From Laluan Madani Intersection – Punggur Square Intersection), with contractor PT. Wijaya Karya (Persero) Tbk. – PT. Maju Bersama Jaya (KSO) and supervising consultant PT. Portal Engineering Perkasa. 
  3. Punggur Seaport Main Corridor Streets – Airport with 2.6 km length (Punggur Square – Airport Intersection), with development contractor PT. Harap Panjang and supervising consultant PT. Multi Forma Riau Konsultan.
  4. Jalan Hang Jebat development 5.5 km length (from Batu Besar Intersection – Turi Intersection) with contractor PT. Sinar Arengka Setia Maju and supervising consultant PT. Multi Forma Riau Konsultan. 
  5. Airport Square (Hang Nadim Airport Traffic Light Intersection), diameter 100 m and street length of 800 m, with development contractor PT. Kurnia Djaja Alam and supervising consultant PT. Astadipati Duta Harindo.

On the five roads, the plan is to perform widening to be 5 (five) lanes on each of the roadway. The road development will also cover bettering respective drainage. 

According to BP Batam Chairman Muhammad Rudi, BP Batam’s road development is amongst strategic moves to keep boosting Batam’s economic growth.  

“This road development is not only for the sake of (attracting) investment, but also for general ease of mobility and to support our residents’ economy,” Rudi explained. 

“We develop this so Batam’s economy can flourish even more. After becoming more developed, we hope our residents will have better chances to prosper. Let’s welcome the development, shall we?” Rudi friendly asked. 

(Source: BP Batam)

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