Solar Power Plants Development Plan in Batam Moves On To Next Stage

Plan to develop big scale solar power plants in Riau Islands Province is official, now that it has been put in the National Strategic Projects list in Ministerial Decree No. 9/2022 of The Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs. Taking up on the task, BP Batam Chairman Muhammad Rudi has set to prepare Batam to be a Hub for New and Renewable Energy. 

Head of Center for Development of Batam Free Trade Zone and Special Economic Zone, Irfan Syakir, said that as per Chairman Rudi’s direction, BP Batam has been preparing two of its reservoirs to be sites for solar power plants.

(Duriangkang Reservoir, Batam. Photo Doc.: Fazizan Anwar via Facebook)

“According to our plan, the solar power plants development is to take place at Duriangkang and Tembesi reservoirs,” Irfan said. 

“New and renewable energy has huge potential. The energy sector is also the world’s top concern. This will automatically boost Batam’s competitive edge,” added Irfan. 

(Tembesi Reservoir, Batam. Photo Doc.: Fasling BP Batam)

Head of Bureau for Public Relations, Promotions, and Protocol Affairs Ariastuty Sirait also added that the solar power plants development is now at a discussion stage to prepare for cooperation agreement write-ups, whose signing is due in January 2023. 

Ariastuty also said that Duriangkang reservoir solar power plant developing partner has been decided to be PT. Batam Sarana Surya, while PT. TBS Energi Utama Tbk is chosen partner for Tembesi. 

(Source: BP Batam)

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